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29 Kč inc. VAT

Nutritional values

Energetická hodnota 373kJ/89kcal
Tuky 0,3g
z toho nasycené mastné kyseliny 0g
Sacharidy 20g
z toho cukry 19g
Bílkoviny 0,6g
Sůl 0,0g

Paleta Strawberry

Fresca Paleta Strawberry is a classic that is not to be missed in our selection. Strawberry flavour is the most popular fruit ice cream in the world. We carefully choose the strawberries, treat them gently, and use them all the same day. Enjoy the classic strawberry a bit differently and you will want a constant supply of it in your freezer.


Strawberries, cane bio, water.


Made from fresh fruit only.


Store at a temperature under 18°C.